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Sound Bath & Yin Yoga

  • The Yoga Flat Christianshavns Torv 2 København Denmark (map)


Sound Bath & Yin Yoga

Event guided by Faye Baldwin and Aiste Venskune


Join yoga teacher Faye Baldwin and sound healer Aiste Venskune at The  Yoga Flat in Christianshavn for a Yin Yoga Soundbath. A candlelit evening of magic dedicated to exploring the mind and body through the deep connection of therapeutic yoga and sound frequencies.

We busy ourselves with Yang energy throughout the day with work, family and socialising but when do we ever take some conscious time out? In life as well as our yoga practice, we should balance our yang and yin. Like two sides of one coin, yin cannot exist without yang, nor yang without yin; they complement and balance each other. 

On this special evening we will be activating our Yin, our passive moon side, sinking into nourishing stillness. 


On arrival we will each find our chosen mat and settle down for the evening, you will be guided through Yin Yoga poses by Faye whilst Aiste will start to facilitate the beginnings of a beautiful softer Sound Bath. By creating these sacred soundscapes, it will help to enhance your own natural rhythms and cycles. She will play gongs, singing bowls and other instruments as you lay on the mats and hold Yin poses to open a more supple and relaxed body.

After the magic of yin, we will dive deep into an extra long Savasana (resting pose), where we will truly explore the listening body, weaving any missing balance and harmony back into the mind and body as the full sound bath takes place.

Finally, a purpose of the physical practice we know as Asana, is to prepare us for sitting comfortably for deeper practices of meditation. After Savasana, we will rise and sit for a short seated meditation, as we close off the evening with bells and windchimes.

This event is open to all levels.

Price 300,-

Yoga Teacher

Faye Baldwin:

Faye's roots go back to the UK and Singapore. With a design & classical music background, she moved from London to Copenhagen where she is now sharing her wild love of the cosmic wonder of yoga.

Her style of classes are about showing students their inner radiance and potential to releasing a wilder energy. This in turn will allow them to develop their asana (physical yoga practice), whilst calming the nervous system and taking time to nurture the mind, body and soul. Faye is sharing passion by helping others find balance, stay calm and feel grounded in hectic modern life.

Unpretentious and genuine, expect laughs & bliss in these light-hearted classes, where she helps students find the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity, to let go and create more space in the body and mind.

Sound Healer

Aiste Venskune:

Aiste is a psychologist, Reiki master and coach who delivers workshops and lectures in mindfulness, teamwork, emotion, stress and conflict management. She leads Reiki and sound healing events, and teaches meditation techniques and breathing exercises.

Blending together sounds of gongs, singing bowls, kalimba, koshi bells and other instruments, her transformative sounds send the mind and body to realms of deep restoration.

As the brain moves in Alpha and/or Theta states, the sounds will trigger a sympathetic nervous system response that lowers blood pressure, slows the heart rate and relieve stress. Sound baths are a unique experience, as guests lay down on mats we let the vibrations of instruments saturate into our body energetically, emotionally and physically.