Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything I should do before I come for the first time?

It’s important that you create yourself in the system before you come so we can make sure to quickly help you sing in.

Should I bring my own yoga mat?

You are always welcome to bring your own equipment, mat included. We furthermore offer the option for you to have your mat at the studio if you prefer to not have to carry it around with you. If you wish to use one of the studio mats, know that you can always do that totally free of charge too. So all in all it is totally up to you if you want to bring your own mat or not.

When should i show up for class? 

All of our classes starts exactly as scheduled. We lock the door to the studio when the class starts. This furthermore means you should as a rule of thumb, try to be at the studio atleast five minutes before the class starts so you have time to check in and settle down on your math before we start. We know there can be many reasons for running late, yet if you happen to show up after the door has been locked there is nothing you can do, and will have to come again some other time.
Is it the first time you visit we advise you to come in good time, especially if you need help in setting up your account and buy an intrance pass etc.

Do you teach classes in Danish or English?

We primarily teach classes in english at the studio, yet if the teacher experiences a class with only Danes present, he or she might choose to guide the practice in danish. As most of our teacher do speak daniish, know that you are always more then welcome to ask for some danish guidance too, if you have a hard time following the class in english.

Do I have to sign up for the class In advance?

It is always a really good idea to sign up in advance. If you have signed up in advance you have secured yourself a spot on the class if it happens to get fully booked. Note that we do experience full classes in busy periods, and open up for drop in waiting list five minutes prior to class, which means if you show up late (less than five minutes prior to the beginning of class) you might loose your spot. Another great reason to signing up in advance is that we have the chance to contact you and tell you if there happen to be a cancelation due to a teacher calling in sick without us being able to find a sub. (note this almost never happens)

Do you do student discounts and have other offers?

We do offer discounts for students, elders and unemployed. All these offers can only be redeemed at the studio - You can read more about this under prices.

Can I leave before the class is over?

We would love it if you would give yourself the time and stay until the class is over. This includes shavasana. To leave the shala while class is in session, can be quite a disturbing element for the other students in the room and we therefore advice you not to do so. Ofcause it might happen you get sick or feel off and therefore have to leave the room, but make sure to let the teacher know in such a case so he/she can make sure all is okay. To this should be added that if you already know prior to the class that you are unable to stay for the full duration of the class we would rather you come another time, when you feel you do actually have the time,

Can I share my clips with others?

All payment offers at The Yoga Flat are personal and can not be shared.

Can I pause my membership?

At the moment it is not possible to pause a membership,.

If you have any questions feel free to send us an email at