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Prenatal Yoga w. Julie Sichlau


Pregnancy is a magical period of life where you go through both physical and emotional changes. Prenatal yoga addresses challenges inherent to pregnancy, such as a shifted center of gravity and lower back pain. The course is about building strengh, stability and a calm making it easier to enjoy your pregnancy and prepare you for birth. 


Julie will take you through a calm yoga practice with breathing exercises aiming to better your endurance in labor. Prenatal yoga will create more flexibility and strengh in your body and enable you to become more aware of the changes and strenghen your contact with your motherly instincts and intuition. 

Birth is not only about a child coming in to this world. It is also about the birth of a mother. A strong, competent and loving mother - a woman who believes in her abilities, trusts her intuition and knows her qualities and strenghs.

This course is 8 sunday afternoons from the end of January till mid march. You can join this course from the day you have a positive pregnancy test, but you will probably get more out of the course, when you are past the first trimester.  

Price: 1.150 dkkr.

About Julie Sichlau

Julie has been teaching yoga in Copenhagen since 2014. She teaches hatha, vinyasa, prenatal yoga and meditation. Julie gave birth to a beautiful son just a year ago, and she is very passionate about empowering women and support them in embracing birth. About her prenatal classes she says:  

Prenatal yoga will provide you with a calm that makes it easier to connect with your baby. It creates a strong presence in your body and an awareness of the changes that will make you stronger and more mentally ready for birth. 
— Julie Sichlau