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Go deep with the conscious breath: An introduction to Source Breathwork


The breath can awaken every cell in your body and help you release toxins. It also allow you to connect with your body on a deeper level bringing you in contact with suppressed emotions, subconscious negative beliefs and traumas, that might be keeping you down or holding you back. 

Breathing techniques have through thousands of years been used as a tool to reach spiritual awakening, healing and meditative states. Rooted in the Eastern spiritual practices like Yoga, Thai Chi and Buddhism Breathwork is centered around reaching a higher level of  consciousness, getting to know your self better and finding inner peace.   

This four hour workshop is an introduction to Source Process & Breathwork - created by Binnie A Dansby. There will be a presentation, guidet meditation and breathwork sessions supported by a group of breathworkers. 

This workshop will be guided by yoga teacher and breathworker, Sarah Emilie Boas, and supported by other breathworkers. Prepare yourself for a workshop full of love and support, where you can let go and potentially go deep. 

For questions contact Sarah Emilie 

There will be tea and snacks. 

Price: 200 kr.

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