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Currents of the Heart w. Julie Sichlau & Pernille Aven Lupai


The waves of life will take you through deep currents, stormy waters and silent rivers. Feeling, flowing and listening to the currents of your heart will make the ride ever so more graceful, even when you are being challenged on an unfamiliar waters.

On this workshop we will face our own limitations and projections that keep us from naturally embracing our goals through bodywork (asana), mythic storytelling and yoga nidra. This will allow us to experience what it truly means to listen to our heart’s whisper and allow life to move freely.

We’ll invoke energy through mantra and rediscover our radiant power of grace to dive into the ocean of abundance that is available within us.

Let Julie and Pernille Aven guide you through a story from the ancient world that is still applicable to this day and a vigorous yoga practice to awake your body temple. Allow for a journey to start, for a truly imaginative yoga transformation and dive into a sleepless dream when we close with a long and deep yoga nidra.

Come be inspired, recentred and reconnected to the currents of your heart.
All levels are welcome

Price: 300 Kr


Julie Sichlau

Julie is a yogini, a seeker, a mama and a priestess. Her teachings are characterized by capturing and play with themes from the yoga mystics that can be translated into our daily lives. Julie’s daily practice is a combination of invigorative flow, where creative freedom takes flight and inspirational transformation happens, with ancient rituals, meditation and song. She LOVES mantras and mudras and when she teach restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation she teach devotedly and with deep reflection in her own journey. 

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Pernille Aven Lupai

Pernille Aven is a sorceress entrepreneur of heart, a yoga teacher, mentor and magic facilitator. Her teachings aim to inspire, empower and connect you deeper to your Self, through playful exploration, intuitive listening and bodily wisdom.

With more than 10 years of teaching experience Pernille Aven gracefully guides her students with precision, love and humor. She is a gifted storyteller and weaves the connection between body, mind and soul through myths, movements and ancient practices, so the students feel the connection to their own source of wisdom within, while she holds the space for them to transform and experience the divine come alive.

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