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The Basics of Handstand w. David Bonneville (CA)


The Amazing David Bonneville is visiting Denmark in October and has agreed to host a handstand workshop at The Yoga Flat.

The workshop is for beginners as well as for those of you who already can do a handstand but find that maintaining it for more then a few seconds is a challenge.  

Learning how to do a handstand is a process of discovering your own potential and overcoming your fears in order to gain confidence. Regardless of your level of ease in that pose, you will certainly gain valuable techniques during this workshops. 

What you’ll learn and practice :

• Several ways to move easily into handstands, without forcing it

• Proper alignment, body mechanics and optimal position of the shoulder girdle 

• How to stay safe and prevent injury

• Discovering the basic principles of handstand 

• How to develop the kind of strength, flexibility and mobility needed for easy handstands

• How to understand and use your whole body when moving into the pose

• Explore playfully and have fun

You’ll make the shift from picking up some new techniques, to getting to know your body's mechanics inside out. Afterwards, handstands – and all kinds of other challenges you undertake – won’t be that hard any more.

This workshop is open to everybody!  Adapted to your level, abilities and needs, you’ll conclude the course feeling strong, inspired, connected, and free. It’s going to be fun!

Price 250,-

About David: 

David Bonneville (Canada)has worked his whole life up-side-down. As a former gymnast, he spent countless of hours in the gym training to compete at a national level. After his sports career, David found himself drawn to the circus industry where he performed all over the world with several companies such as Cirque du Soleil and various theater productions and on cruise ship shows.

In 2014, he founded his own Yoga studio in Québec Canada, where he teaches Power Yoga and Pilates. He also teaches Yoga to those gearing up to be Yoga teachers themselves.

When he has time he loves giving workshops of all kinds. Being comfortable up-side-down is David's true passion.

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