Breathwork (therapy) w. Sarah Emilie


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Deep connected breathing in a safe and supported space can get you in touch with life limiting stuck energy and emotions, negative beliefs and trauma and create a space for you to heal. It is a very gentle form of breathwork therapy that helps you come in deep contact with your bady and body memory. 

Through yoga, meditation and pranayama people have through thousands of years sought to balance body, mind and spirit seeking spiritual awakening, healing and meditative states. With roots in the eastern spiritual practices and rebirthing breathwork therapy, SOURCE Process and Breathwork is centered around ataining a higher level of consciousness, getting to know yourself better, and finding inner peace.

SOURCE Process and Breathwork is a practice for healing the self-limiting primal decisions that we made based on our source experience of life in the womb, when we took our first breath, in the precious moments just after birth and in the first two years of our lives. These decisions are held as unconscious beliefs that lay the foundation for our negative patterns and form our core conflicts.

A session will begin with a conversation and move in to a longer breathwork session where you lie fully dressed on a couch covered with a blanket. The therapist supports your breathing and you will experience a loving and supported space enabling you to dive deep in to the unconscious to embrace and release what ever you experience. What unconciously could be holding you back from being your authentic self, or what creates physical or mental pain in your life.

Sarah Emilie is a certified SOURCE Process and Breathwork practitioner and has been training with Binnie A Dansby for many years. She does one on one sessions and group therapy and also teaches yoga, meditation & pranayama et The Yoga Flat.

If you have questions about the work or wish to book a session you can contact Sarah Emilie on 28189208 or

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours

Price: 850 kr.