Treatments & Private Yoga Classes

At The Yoga Flat you can book treatments and private yoga classes. You place your booking for treatments with the therapist.


Private Yoga Classes

Teachers at The Yoga Flat

650,- (60 min.)

If you wish to dive deeper in to your yoga practise, a private class can be a good way of getting to know your unique body on a deeper level... learn more

Company Yoga and Events

Teachers at The Yoga Flat

(Ask for price and duration)

Book a teacher for a longer course or special events. It is possible that our teacher comes to you at e.g. your workplace, at a special location or event… learn more 

Ayurvedic treatments and Body SDS

w. Brith

Ayurvedic treatments nourish the nervous system and balance the natural ground energy. Body SDS focus on releasing accumulated emotions and thoughts stuck in the body. Learn more

SOURCE Breathwork (therapy)

w. Sarah Emilie

850,- (90 - 120 min)

Deep connected breathing in a safe and supported space can get you in touch with life limiting displaced feelings, negative beliefs and trauma and create an oportunity to heal… learn more

Cranio sacral and stress release

w. Rikke

500 ,- (60 min)

With gentle hands imbalances and pain caused by e.g. concussion, migraine, discus prolapse, difficulty concentrating, neck and back problems can be relieved… learn more


w. Sussi

350;- (45 min) & 500,- (75 min)

Acupuncture is a 4000 year old chinese needle treatment seeking to balance Yin og Yang og enable life energy to ciculate freely… Learn more