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Donation Class - 108 Sun salutations w. Chris


As we move from summer towards autumn and winter, join us to ‘Salute the Sun’ for Denmark’s less fortunate: The Homeless.

The Yoga Flat invite you to a free Yoga Mala - a 108 Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation A), guided by our very own yoga teacher, Chris.

We encourage you to make a donation which goes directly to the Danish charity, Projekt Hjemløs. You could even get sponsored by colleagues, friends and family to take on this exciting physical and mental challenge of doing a 108 sun salutations.

Whilst this can be a demanding session, our mala is open to absolutely all levels of ability. Chris will conduct a full introduction to the practice and will cover a nice gentle warm up and instructions regarding easier variations of a number of the poses along with guidance around breaks and pace.

The Mala will consist of 4 rounds, each with a different focus, dedication or intention, with each round consisting of 4 cycles of 9 Sun Salutation A’s.

Round 1: Dedication to letting go of the past. Dedication to yourself as the focus.
Round 2: Dedication to being present. Dedication to your family and friends.
Round 3: Dedication to setting an intention. Dedication to the world. All beings everywhere; recognizing our interconnectedness
Round 4: Dedication to manifesting your intention in the future. Dedication to Spirt and higher consciousness, to source energy.

Following the class and in celebration of our achievement, we invite everyone to join us as we take some food and drinks down to our lovely homeless neighbors who will hopefully be enjoying the sun that we have generated for them. Feel free to bring along some food to share.