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Open Flow Yoga w. Birgitte Gorm


Join yoga teacher Birgitte Gorm Hansen for an experimental sensation based open flow yoga workshop introducing you to new types of movement in yoga that will bring you closer in contact with body and senses. For many years the focus in yoga has been on flexibility, strengh and alignment. This workshop focuses on also integrating three new types of movemnet in the practice: Waves (undulation), rytmic oscillation and open flows (fluktuation). 

The way we practice yoga has been changing through the times and right now we experience a new wave of sense based yoga and open flows working with finding the optimal balance in physical activation and integration (tensegrity).

This workshop is open for all levels

Price: 300 kr.

About Birgitte Gorm Hansen


Reknown for her high quality teaching and deep dedication to sensitive and meditative practice, Birgitte stands for an undogmatic and experimental approach to yoga. Her teaching honors the student's embodied experience, meaning that movements are guided more by what you can feel than by what you can do. Her classes are gentle invitations to love the body you have today by way of gentle somatic self enquiry. Her core expertise lies in sensation-based alignment, meditative movement and the fertile field between yoga, psychology and organization. Birgitte has been teaching weekly yoga classes since 2001 and have been in extensive training with 3 master teachers since she began practicing in the mid-1990s. In addition to years of teacher training in yoga and meditation, she holds a MA degree in psychology and a Ph.D in management. By 2015, Birgitte functioned as one of the senior teachers in Dynamic Yoga and travelled all over Europe. Today she lives in Copenhagen with her family and works independently of any yoga school. She offers workshops, courses and yoga teacher training.