Yoga is a 5000-year old Indian body of knowledge which seeks to balance the mind and body. Many of us live our lives being in our heads. But through the practice of different physical poses, we can become more present in the body and calmer in the mind. Yoga is practiced physically, giving us stronger bodies and greater flexibility. But its benefits extend beyond a greater awareness of our bodies to an experiences of inner peace. 

With its emphasis on mindful movement and presence, yoga can help alleviate stress and anxiety in our lives. It can also help prevent and resolve common physical afflictions, such as lower back, knee and shoulder pain, as well as difficulties with sleep and digestion.

Yoga at The Yoga Flat

All classes at The Yoga Flat are in the traditions of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. However, we don’t differentiate between Hatha and Vinyasa classes in the timetable. This is because we want the individual teacher to determine how they wish to blend the dynamic and static poses and how much they want to guide the breath – but no matter the class, we work on the whole body.

At The Yoga Flat our teachers have the freedom to bring their personal styles and creativity to their classes. This means the classes and teaching styles at The Yoga Flat will be different depending on the teacher. Our teachers may even introduce techniques from dance, martial arts or movement therapy, sharing a playful, creative and honest practice with their students. This flexible approach allows the teacher to explore yoga techniques in greater depth and give students a solid foundation on which to develop their own practice. 

You can read more about our teachers here.

To better support your personal process and the growth in your practice we offer classes in four different levels of practice as well as different types of yoga.


Foto: Kim Wendt

Basic Practice (1)

This class is meant as an introduction to the natural art of yoga. It is perfect for beginners, but also more advanced yogis can join this class if they feel like going back to basics and fine tune the practice with some basic yoga technique. The class is build up around basic poses and the understanding of movement and breath synchronized. There will be a lot of repetition and technique, so it can be a demanding practice, yet very simple and easy to grasp. Overall this should prepare students for the mixed level class.

Mixed Level Practice (1&2)

This class is an overall class for most yogis with a lot of basic poses. A class that everyone can join. Though if it is your very first time on a yoga mat we suggest that you try out our Basic Practice classes first. On this class you can expect a greater flow and slightly more advanced poses. The teachers will provide you with modifications or options in the poses making this class adaptable to where you are in your practice or your energy level on the specific day.

Intermediate Practice (2)

On this class we take the practice a step further. Here we invite you to play with and explore your strength and physical potential a bit more. On this class we expect you to know the basic yoga poses. There will be a greater focus on smoothing out transitions in flow and advancing in the poses. On this class there will be plenty of time to work on inversions, arm balances and other more advanced poses.

Advanced Practice (3)

This class is a two hour practice making it a perfect place to explore the poses and the flows even further. It is the highest level of class on the schedule at The Yoga Flat, meaning we expect students to have a strong practice. On this class there will be plenty of time for workshopping more advanced poses.

Gentle Practice

In a Gentle Practice we slow things down. It is a physically less demanding class, and it will typically be a mix of more supported traditional asanas, some deeper stretches and potentially some restorative poses mixed with pranayama and meditation exercises.

Yoga & Meditation

This class is a two hour practice and a total treat as it combines the physical asana practice with seated meditation. Expect that around one hour will be spend on moving around and one hour seated. In the seated practice you will be guided through various meditations and potentially basic pranayama. There is time for questions and feedback during the class. These classes are for anyone who wishes to add seated meditation to their practice and experience meditation in a group.


This class is a one hour meditation practice designed to support the calming of the mind moving towards the meditation state. You will experience guided meditations and shorter explanations. Everyone from beginners to long time practitioners can join this practice.


The Yin practice is suited for all levels of practice. It is focused around the connective tissue such as ligaments, bones and joints in deeper and longer stretches. Being the opposite to the more dynamic and muscular Yang practice the Yin practice is calm, passive and soft. It can be quite challenging though due to the long duration of the poses. We can remain in the postures anywhere from one to twenty minutes.

Strala Yoga (1&2)

Strala Yoga is a a practice of ease and softness that nurtures your mind and body. The classes can be both calm, challenging and playful but they will always be centered around ease, flow state, natural movement, and self-care. The practice basically encourages you to move and live from how you feel. Less thinking, more feeling.