Fotos: Kim Wendt

The Yoga Flat is a Danish yoga studio in Copenhagen, Christianshavns Torv & Nørrebro. The Studio is run by brother and sister Nicolai and Sarah Emilie Boas.

Being an urban yoga studio, it is important to stretch that the focus here is on yoga, and the way in which yoga makes sense when living in the city. This being said, we have a vast variety of types of yoga at the studio to support all types of people, where ever they may be in their practice and in their life.

We take pride in the skill level of our teachers and believe that even though the teaching is closely linked to specific traditions, the true teaching comes from the teachers sharing their personal experiences and understandning of set traditions.

A commonality of the teachers at The Yoga Flat, is their love for yoga, We wish to share the passion for physical practice, for calming the mind and the practice of being present.

When you enter one of the studios, you will be met with a great contrast to the business of the city, as the cosy surroundings are specifically designed to support your practice.

As we have found that yoga has no gender, no age or physical prerequisites, we hope to invite in anyone who wishes to deepen their personal relationship with themselves and their practice.