Sarah Emilie

Co-founder and Teacher

Sarah likes to work a lot with the breath in her classes, maybe due to her many years of practicing pranayama on and of the mat, and meditation is always integral to her yoga teaching. With a background i Anusara Yoga Sarah teaches a mix of flows and more static practice always focused on connecting with and growing from the ground. As a teacher her main focus is holding space for your journey to the self and guiding you through a moving meditation. Every single minute spend on your mat is worth honouring and Sarah always makes time for contemplation.

Beyond teaching yoga at The Yoga Flat, she spends time with therapy clients and groups practicing SOURCE Process and Breathwork. Besides running two yoga studios with her brother Nicolai, Sarah shares her life with her two children and her husband.



Co-founder and Teacher

Nicolai is a technique junkie whose classes centre around body awareness, anatomy and mindful movement. His classes are build up around the wish for his student to empower themselves in their practice and in their life by employing concepts that highlight the power of an explorative practice and way of living.
His classes will often be relatively physically demanding, weather its advanced or gentle practice, yet his lyrical teaching style makes tough active body work accessible for most.

For Nicolai, through physical practice, we can get better and understanding ourselves as it becomes a tangible tool to better access our reaction patterns and our sense of self. We are able to make our complex experiences and problem areas more accessable simply by looking at the way we approach our physical practice, how we meet ourselves and how we respond to the nerve impulses.




Faye loves to create a great flow in her classes which are practised in a mindful and fun way, spiced with some technically challenging poses. Her flow classes rooted in her trainings in Mandala Vinyasa, Rocket, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin and Tantric Meditation. An exploration of the inner landscapes, Faye’s Yoga classes are the concoction of fiery flows and deep stillness. With laughter and bliss in her light-hearted classes, come and seek the internal and external balance of sweetness and intensity. Tune out to tune in to what is really real. You will find Faye, who teaches under the name Wildest Yoga, in studios around Copenhagen. Half Singaporean, a large portion of her time each year is spent traveling around Asia, exploring new places on small budgets and diving in to local cultures.

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Follow your intuition listen to your breath and connect to the ground underneath you. Cipa loves to guide you into flows connecting the mind and the body to the sound of your breath. Grounding yourself and calming the body through movement and breath work, giving yourself a break from everything around you is what you can expect in Cipas classes. A calm and lovely voice will guide you through flows and the more technical stuff and sometimes the challenge is to soften and be slow and sometimes it’s to find power and strength trying new poses you’ve never tried before. Cipa is a singer so you can always expect her to finish the class with a little bit of singing in Shavasana. She has educated herself through several TTC's both in Denmark and India and loves to teach Vinyasa, Hatha and sometimes be inspired by Ashtanga.




To be able to meet yourself and others from an honest and open-minded place - that’s the essence of yoga for Cecilie. A stronger, more flexible body is merely a bonus. She enjoys teaching in a slow and fluent pace, making room for contemplation and a feeling of calmness, even when the physical practice gets challenging.
Her classes often contains strong flowy sequences, yet the slow pace will allow you to keep the connection to your body, your center throughout your practice. She believes yoga is an ongoing dialogue between mind, body and breath, practice being the string connecting the three. Join her classes for a slow and juicy practice - often moving to a soundtrack created especially for each class’ theme and mood.
She lives in Copenhagen with her two kids, and besides from teaching yoga she works as a foodwriter and foodstylist for different magazines and lifestyle brands.

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According to Stis yoga is a good conversation with the Self. With a background in dancing Stis is a big alignment nerd who love to teach creative, curious and fun flows where breath and body moves as one. She teaches Rasa style yoga with awareness that each body is its own temple. Stis has a big love for yoga philosophy and always coins regular classes to themes based on myths and old scriptures. She mainly teaches mindful vinyasa classes with time for pranayama and meditation practice. Besides regular yoga classes Stis teaches Beyonce yoga where dance moves and yoga moves is mixed and spiced up by tunes of Beyoncé, making the space on the yoga mat playful and fierce.




Julie is a yogini, a seeker, a mama and a priestess. Her teachings are characterized by capturing and play with themes from the yoga mystics that can be translated into our daily lives. Julie’s daily practice is a combination of invigorative flow, where creative freedom takes flight and inspirational transformation happens, with ancient rituals, meditation and song. She LOVES mantras and mudras and when she teach restorative yoga, yoga nidra and meditation she teach devotedly and with deep reflection in her own journey. 

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Melika is devoted to the practise of returning home to ones most authentic self. In her classes she will invite every cell of your being to arrive on the mat, using the felt sense of your body as a vehicle for deeper experiences. You can expect to be guided through a mix of slow flows and more static poses. Meditation is an integral part of the classes, whether it being seated meditation or bringing that meditative awareness into a moving practise.
Her aim is to guide you in a way that allows you to feel you have agency of your practise of yoga – and life, making yoga an expression of you.
Her teachings have roots in the tradition of Embodied Flow, tantric philosophy and body therapeutics, due to her ongoing education as a Manuvision therapist. As the lover of stilness that she is, she spends a lot of her time in nature with her two horses to balance out the stimulating life on Nørrebro.




Jacqueline is known for her easy going and light-hearted approach to the wisdom of yoga. She loves sharing her devotion to help awaking fully to ones journey in LIFE.
She skilfully weaves philosophy, mantras, mudras, pranayama and meditation into well sequenced and alignment based classes for all levels. Expect amazing music and singing, to move your body and mind - and to be invited to show up fully both on and off the mat.
Her many years of studies, teachings and sharings are based on Tantric philosophy, Anusara and Rasa Yoga. She holds a master degree in psychology and carefully connects this knowledge with the ancient wisdom of yoga, for the modern day yogi to become fully aware in all aspects of life.

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Pernille Aven


Pernille Aven is a sorceress entrepreneur of heart, a yoga teacher, mentor and magic facilitator. Her teachings aim to inspire, empower and connect you deeper to your Self, through playful exploration, intuitive listening and bodily wisdom. She is on a mission to accelerate your personal growth and awaken your desire for living the wild, authentic life of your dreams and enjoying everything it has to offer.
With more than 10 years of teaching experience Pernille Aven gracefully guides her students with precision, love and humor. She is a gifted storyteller and weaves the connection between body, mind and soul through myths, movements and ancient practices, so the students feel the connection to their own source of wisdom within, while she holds the space for them to transform and experience the divine come alive.

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Kirstine is a flow geek who takes pride in guiding her classes with few but precise cues aimed at supporting the students practice. 
Kirstine has personally been practising yoga for almost twenty years, and her teaching bares witness to this. She mixes styles and weaves in pranayama techniques into her classes creating a great space for contemplation and immersion. 
Kirstine’s approach to teaching has a great element of curiosity. This approach makes sense both in regards to the fresh as well as the seasoned yogi, as it comes to be the essence of the “beginners mind” that nearly always comes to be important as we practice. 
Kirstine is a social-worker and mother of two and she over all loves creating a space for people to blossom and grow.




Nicci is devoted to self-compassionate yoga and to listening to the sensations felt in your body, mind and spirit. Her classes encourage you to tune in and seek a balance between allowing yourself to take a step back and pushing yourself to explore new or challenging poses. Nicci is passionate about connecting to the self through movement, breath and gentle sensory-somatic awareness, which her teaching reflects with a focus on exploring the inner self through fully immersing into the body and the breath. With Nicci you can expect a class that is built up around a centering practice, moving through asanas with a slow flow and mindset, as well as with an awareness of the breath and the felt body. Furthermore, Nicci has a background in trauma-informed yoga, and in dealing with people with trauma, stress, depression and addiction. Therefore, she always asks for permission to do physical adjustments and encourages students to show up just as they are - any state of being is welcomed by Nicci on the mat. Last but not least, Nicci is a Berkeley graduate with a great love for being in nature, a huge foodie and a lover of immersing into the local cultures in the countries in which she has lived, worked and traveled.




Simon is a teaching wizard, who aims to get his students to shine – and if possible fly higher. His classes will strife to bring you to a place of serenity yet challenge, along the way you will always have the calm, kind sound of his voice to lean on, and his precise instructions to work with. 
For Simon, yoga is not just a sport, nor is it a religious practice, it’s a masterclass in being alive. That said everyone is free to come practice with Simon out of spiritual or exercise reasons alone, but for Simon those reasons are an individual affair. No matter the reasons yoga is a way of gaining a greater awareness of ourselves and our rhythms, our patterns and porous borders, we can begin to steer a direction for ourselves through the mythical muddle that is life, and to tap the potential that lies within us. 
In Simon’s classes you can expect to sometimes practice nerdy alignment techniques but always to the living rhythm of your own breath. That said, meditation is the center part of the classes, meaning that Simon pursues cultivating a sense of presence in each of his students. 




Naya uses her background as a dancer in her classes where breath and movement is aligned to cultivate ease and flow in the body - always making space for movement in all asanas. Even in challenging poses you are invited to find ease and softening into strength and stability.
Naya facilitates yoga with a strong emphasis on the moved experience, giving agency to the student to listen to the bodies needs.
Her wish as a teacher is to facilitate an opening to a fuller experience of the body, letting the practice deepen your awareness to a more profound sense of Self that is available both on and off the mat.
Naya works as a dancer and choreographer and movement teacher.




Tessa’s practice focuses on healing the mind, body, and soul. She is an artistic individual, and she uses that creativity in her teachings. Tessa brings a softness to her class while sparking moments of fire and power, guiding you through the depths of inner connection. She likes to begin and end her class with ease, while focusing on breath, movement, and mindfulness. Tessa has a big heart with a lot of love to share, and you can feel that in her class. Her teachings come from her personal practice and training with Ashtanga Vinyasa, traditional Hatha, and Yin Yoga. Tessa found yoga as a therapeutic approach for both her body and soul. Working as a professional hair stylist for over a decade in her home country of Canada, she used the practice to invite calmness and ease to a tired mind and body. To her, the practice of yoga is more than just physical movement; she believes that using the breath to guide your movements creates a deep connection to your body and spirit. The power that she has felt from the practice of yoga is she something she loves to share with others. Off the mat you can find Tessa keeping up with her hair styling skills, heading out on her next adventure, or finding the closet slice of nature to explore.




As a yoga teacher it is Mathilde’s deepest wish to make space for the individual where yoga can feel like coming home to ourselves.

Mathilde first found her love for yoga while travelling through India in 2008 and has returned many times since as both a student and teacher to pursue her passion for the practice and the philosophy that lies behind it. 

In Mathilde’s dynamic classes you will be guided through creative and fun flows, where we will use the connection between body and mind, movements and breathe to bring us back to the beauty of the present moment.
In her yin classes we will draw our focus inwards, make space for inner stillness and get to know ourselves just a little better with the aim to bring this wisdom with us when we leave the yoga mat and step back in to everyday life.




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For Cedric, yoga is a path of self-discovery and an effective way to get into your body and empower yourself. He teaches yoga with devotion and passion and with a strong focus on good alignment. Cedrics classes always revolve around a more general theme and his intention is to open the door to your heart and expand your horizons physically and mentally.

Cedric’s background of interests mixes social sciences, business, research, somatic psychotherapy, eastern philosophy, diverse personal growth modalities, conscious entrepreneurship, poetry, magic, and of course advanced yoga studies, which all led him to live across several countries and languages - from his native France to the US, the UK, and Denmark. Needless to say Cedric loves the diversity and to mix people and bring them together within an inclusive space.

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Gaby's classes are her way of sharing the body awareness, support and laughter she's received through her yoga practice over the years. Between energetic flows and deeper static asanas, her classes combine the different worlds of the physical yoga practice from meditation, cardio, balance, strength, stretches and relaxation. While often physically demanding with a strong focus on alignment, her classes are always delivered in high spirits and good energy. Take the time to give your body the movement it requires and your mind the personal space it needs. Her practice is rooted in Hatha-Vinyasa, Anusara, Ashtanga, Dharma and Hatha-Vinyasa styles of yoga. Gaby is a Filipina born and raised in Hong Kong. She spent a year teaching yoga full time in Singapore before her Master's education brought her to Copenhagen in 2017. Besides teaching at The Flat, Gaby is a qualified Architect and Graphic Designer.

Louise Timm


Pre, & Post-natal Yoga Teacher

Louise has taught pre and post-natal yoga for 4 years, and  when she doesn't not teach she assists women as a doula both at home births and at hospital births. Before diving deep into the wonders of the female body louise has been teaching yoga for ten years. Together with doula and life coach Karina Isolde Balslev Louise is the the second half of Copenhagen Doulas offering workshops on birth preparation helping parents to be to create a safe and memorable birth experience.

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Friends of The Yoga Flat

Guest Teachers

At The Yoga Flat, we love to get to host some of our international yoga friends. We hope to see new and old friends visit the studio with workshops and open classes in the future and provide our students with new inspiration from near and far.


David Kam

Guest Teacher - London (UK)

David is a movement artist, a spaceholder and placemaker whose passion is to simply encourage others to get back into their bodies amidst the global stream of wellness and mindfulness movements. Over the years, his curiosity has guided him through a wonderfully non-linear journey comprising a degree in architecture from the University of Sheffield, professional dance training at Trinity Laban and 500 hours of yoga teacher training with well-respected teachers including Naomi Absalom and Michael James Wong. Inspired by the multicultural hub he grew up in, the cheerful Malaysian threads his many strands of expertise to craft a creative, interdisciplinary practice which focuses on honouring the body, celebrating the boundless possibilities of movement as a physical anchor to consider how we can truly embody mindful living. David actively shares his ever evolving practice with warmth and sincerity to communities both in London and abroad, empowering others to rediscover their inner athletic artists.

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Miz DeShannon

Guest Teacher - Leeds (UK)

Miz started her affair with yoga around 15 years ago and hase’t looked back.

Her strength lies in her great interest in mobility and Vanda Scaravelli's work, which links to her background in dance. Miz met yoga as she had en spinal injury and through practice it helped her better understand her body and mind compared to any other form of recovery and rehabilitation training she encountered.

The Vinyasa stye Miz teaches follows dynamic choreography, incorporating contrasts of fluid movement and transitions with Ashtanga asanas, with a strong focus on alignment which has always been important to her and is a much needed foundation for asana practice.

Classes are always primerally ligt in their design making room for fun and furthermore allows students to explore their own abilities, and focus on their breath and movement coordination.

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Jeremy Lim

Guest Teacher - Singapore (SIN)

Jeremy is a yoga teacher, mental well-being practitioner, and a devoted student of life. An advocate for refining the art of living, he is deeply passionate about health, healing, and happiness. Jeremy has an elaborate relationship with the mental health and wellness community that spans over the past 13 years, from practicing psychology clinically to lecturing and undertaking appointed consultancy work in the field. A firm believer that yoga teachers are at the front-line in modern society’s health, his work has naturally expanded to focus on enhancing well-being through the path of yoga.
Informed by yogic wisdom, psychology, anatomy and kinesiology, Jeremy’s classes emphasise an introspective, holistic experience that engages the mind, heart, body, and community through alignment principles. Through his classes, Jeremy’s wish is for students to feel they had a “work in,” feeling empowered to soften their edges and open their hearts so that they can navigate every moment of their lives with an underlying sense of inner peace and joy.

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David Bonneville

Guest Teacher - Quecbeck City (CA)

David has worked his whole life up-side-down. As a former gymanst, he spent countless hours in the gym training to compete at a national level. After his sports career, David found himself drawn to the circus industry where he performed all over the world with several companies such as Cirque du Soleil and various theater productions and cruise ship shows. In 2014, he founded his own Yoga studio in Québec Canada, where he teaches Power Yoga and Pilates. He also teaches Yoga to those gearing up to be Yoga teachers themselves. When he has time he loves giving workshops of all kinds. Being comfortable up-side-down is David's true passion.

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