It's about 10 years ago I first entered a small yoga class in Hamburg. I was so surprised to find that it was actually quite physically intense, as I had imagined something completely different. After the class I felt my body in an entirely new way and I guess this was the beginning of a long lasting love relationship with yoga. Since then - no matter where I've been in the world I have found a local studio where I have been able to practice as I have come to find that yoga is my way to treat myself and guide myself towards greater balance.

Thoughts on teaching

What fascinates me the most about yoga is the unification between body and mind. My body has as long as I can remember been strong but less flexible as I love to spend extra time in the deep stretches as I find that gently pushing our physical and mental boundaries makes space for potentially great development.

We can all benefit from bettering or maintain our physique, both in regards to strength and mobility. I often experience that people tend to think that they are "too stiff - so i can't do yoga." but in my understanding yoga is for everyone, what differs are just our physical and mental boundaries.

Breath work is an essential part of my teaching, and in my classes you will often experience breath to be used to open up poses, channel our awareness into specific parts of the body and use it in creating space and most importantly support.


As a teacher Sarah Emilie wishes to share her passion and love for the possibilities for change and development breath work and pranayama offers. At the moment she is in the process of studying to be a breath therapist, and besides being one of the owners of The Yoga flat, she has a M.Sc in Political Communication and Leadership and has her own freelance company. She has taken a basis training with Hamsa Yoga in India.


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