I got my first yoga-fix in 2010 in The United States and there was no doubt in my mind that this was something I had to look more into. As I have worked under a lot of pressure for years as a result of changing work hours and really long days I quickly discovered how yoga truly helped me to keep a steady mind. This made me able to deal with the stress i was faced with an the love only grew.

Thoughts on teaching

Yoga has become the "place" where i find inspiration in my life. It provides me with strength and focus and I find myself being much more calm. As a teacher this is what i love to share, and I wish for my students to get to similar experiences. It is important for me that yoga does not become an isolated part of life but it provides the student with the tools to inspire their physical practice but also tools that can be used off the mat.

In my perspective, yoga should be a unity of fun and challenges, not only physically but also mentally. I use this as one of the principles in building up my classes. I take pride in both teaching physically demanding and challenging classes but also work more therapeutically with restorative and yin inspirations. I like letting my creative flow guide the classes but still stick to the concept of "less is more" as I find there to be great potential and some beautiful experiences to be had in a simple practice.


Pernille har a variety of yoga training in her bag. And has been training all over the world. This makes her truly able to design classes to have a variety of focus areas. She creates a space in which students have a great possibility for the students to get a tailored practice that suits their individual needs.


To contact Pernille write pernillefristrup@gmail.com

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