My first encounter with the practice of yoga was at the local gym years back. I was bugled by the things the balled, chilled out, crazy flexible guy talked about. I found some of the concepts he talked about totally alien to my way of understanding my physical and spiritual being, but after only one class I found myself feeling parts of my body I didn't even realize existed. I have later come to experience many life ensuring moments and spaces of growth on and off my yoga mat, and find myself to see yoga as not just a way of moving or using my body - but a way of life.

Thoughts on teaching

In my classes I find it important to try to facilitate a space in which the individual student get to practice from where they are at the given time. The students get alternatives and variations to poses in order to ensure that they get the most out of their practice.

I love mixing up the practice to benefit from a variety of ways of moving . You will therefore often find poses and exercises inspired by everything from break-dance to ballet to martial arts or even more therapeutic practices. This provides the student with a great set of tools that helps them better their physical intelligence, understanding of weight distribution principals, alignment and the ability to establish a balance between strength and softness. I see this way of practicing as a way to reestablish a beautiful relationship with oneself allowing to let some magic unfold on the mat.


Nicolai has been teaching since 2010 and is a certified RYTT 500 teacher. He is one of the founders of the Yoga Flat and has a diploma in fashion, a BA in Sociology and soon a MSC in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship. At the moment you can also find him teaching at Hamsa Yoga. To read even more about Nicolai you can visit his homepage where he among other things shares the music he uses for his teachings.

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