I have always found the concept of self-development to be interesting which has brought be to look into everything fro, psychology to quantum mechanics and yoga came later as an interesting development given some experiences I had at school for dance. My teacher at the time was an amazing dancer who’s temper wasn’t always easy to cope with. She would always bring all her emotions to the room, which didn’t exactly make her the easiest to be around.

Half way through my training she want on a trip to India where she had taken a yoga teacher training. She seem like a new person at first as she was totally calm and collected, but after a while it just became present that she had just gotten herself under control but was the same person just happier. Yoga had obviously touched her in ways that had made her better herself and let go of some things. This really inspired me and I knew at that point that I had to dig into this yoga thing. “If yoga could do that to her, what could it then do for me?”

I have not lost interest at all since and have been travelling around the world trying out different styles and traditions and feel I am getting to experience the amazing possibilities yoga has to offer.

Thoughts on Teaching

My teachings are based on my own practice, which is always in a flow of development as it mirrors the process I find myself to be in as I get to know and understand myself better.

When working with the physical asanas I share the techniques I use myself and the once that has made me be able to understand my body and practice in a new way. Me Believe is that this in turn provides the students with an engaged and enthusiastic teacher whom is truly passionate about the detailed practice.

To my understanding yoga is about more then just physicality, and through my teaching I try to work on examining and balancing not only the physical body but also the metal aspects of the individual person.


Mathias grew up in a home of holistic thinking with alternate therapist in the family surrounded by anatomy posters. He has been the guinea pig for many types of therapeutics  growing up and has truly experienced how looking at the individual as a whole allows great possible transformation.

He has a Yoga Teacher training from Hamsa Yoga Studio in Copenhagen and one from Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica and has done two different dance educations under his belt and furthermore works as Thai yoga masseuse.


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