I consider myself as being a child at heart. I have a hard time sitting still for a long time, I want to try a little bit of everything and my bucket list has no end. I'm a bit of an explorer which is why I have been all over the world digging into music, traveling, dancing and even beekeeping. As I have been dancing for many years I have found that yoga has become the thing that seemed to combine my physical practice with a new sense of debt, a more mental and spiritual one.

Thoughts on teaching

I try to embrace the aspect of time in my practice and teaching, as viewing our practice as a process instead of as means to an end provides us with great tools in my opinion. By focusing on the beauty of the process we are able to truly stay present in our lives and get to enjoy all the smaller things life has to offer. Furthermore the presence, I believe this fosters, gives our practice a graspable dimension which is both calming and meaningful. Creativity, thoroughness and a sense of playfulness truly enriches my life and yoga practice and this is what I am at sharing in my classes.

I see life as an experience for the senses and we should try to taste all the flavors of life - all the contrasts. To be able to reflect and put things into perspective is to me the essence in creating presence both for myself and as a teacher. So this is what I am for in my classes.


Katrine studies health science and is a bit of a foodie. She is a perfectionist in the best way knowing when to let go. She is an educated dancer with some professional dance experience and has most recently finished her basic yoga teacher training with Hamsa Yoga in India.


Feel free to contact Katrine at katrineriemer@hotmail.com

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