I find yoga to be an everyday moving experience and I try, not only as a teacher but also in my own practice, to let body & mind work together.

As I have been dancing for many years and feel very at home in my physical body, I found yoga to quickly become a great love as it adds to the understanding of the balanced and healthy body, spirit and mind.

Thoughts on teaching

With a mix between spontaneity and adaptability I aim at teaching ‘dancing’ creative yoga flows were you loose track of time and thought.

I find myself quite Influenced by my own teachers and dance background and I emphasize a great deal of body-awareness in my classes. I love to use imagery as a way to explain what feeling and physical experience and expression it is we are aiming for in the classes, which I find can heighten the way in which one can experience a feeling of contentment in just being.

My aim when teaching is to facilitate a creative space where the individual student is able to tap into their own way of moving and understanding the different flows and postures. Tapping into your "inner dancer" can truly awaken the love for your body and can potentially fire up not only your creative flow, but furthermore helps you feel at home in your physical body.


Over 4 years of experience teaching Yoga & over 11 years of experience as a professional dance teacher &  dancer incorporating Yoga into the curriculum. Graduated from ’ the Theater School’, Amsterdam School of the Arts, with a 4 year Bachelor of Dance, specializing in dance pedagogy and Contemporary dance. Certified Yoga Teacher with 300 hours of Yoga Alliance diploma.


Write Karina at karinahojgaard@gmail.com or find her at Instagram

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