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The Yoga Flat's Yoga Fest

  • The Yoga Flat 4 Wesselsgade København, 2200 Denmark (map)

Yoga Fest

To celebrate the beginning of the new year, The Yoga Flat is inviting you to join us as we set the intention for 2019, under the years first new moon.

We combine physical practice and intention setting with food and community in this one of a kind event.

Transcend The New (15.00 - 18.00)

Workshop with David Kam


Who we were in the past does not define who we have to be going into the future. Just as the body is constantly regenerating, the Self has the opportunity to do the same. 

As we enter the new year, can we liberate ourselves from the need to define and resolve?

David invites us to transcend the new, breaking the cycle of short-lived resolutions by practising moment to moment presence. Explore focusing the mind towards the means instead of the outcomes, celebrating change as an inspirational anchor. 

This session will begin and end with some journaling work to set a blueprint of intentions specific to ourselves based on which we will embody in practice, where we will playfully deconstruct the habitual stories of the body and mind. In the form of an immersive creative flow, you will be empowered to move to your desired intensity and scales of expression, practising from an embodied place of pleasure. 

Join David in venturing beyond words, asana and pranayama, encouraging our inhibitions to dissolve through the sheer enjoyment of writing, moving and breathing as a community.

Food for Thought (18.00 - 19.00)

Designed and prepared by Katrine Riemer


Our amazing teacher and nutritional connoisseur are preparing a plant based meal we will be enjoying together

Community Chant (19.00-20.00)


Guided by Jacqueline

At this part of the day we huddle up for an hour long chanting session where we open the doors to the studio and invite in who ever wants to join.

This session is about connecting with each other.

50,- of your full payment of the event goes directly to the homeless youth of Copenhagen. For people joining just for this part of the day they are asked to donate at least 50 ,- too.


David Kam

David is a movement artist, a spaceholder and placemaker whose passion is to simply encourage others to get back into their bodies amidst the global stream of wellness and mindfulness movements. Over the years, his curiosity has guided him through a wonderfully non-linear journey comprising a degree in architecture from the University of Sheffield, professional dance training at Trinity Laban and 500 hours of yoga teacher training with well-respected teachers including Naomi Absalom and Michael James Wong. Inspired by the multicultural hub he grew up in, the cheerful Malaysian threads his many strands of expertise to craft a creative, interdisciplinary practice which focuses on honouring the body, celebrating the boundless possibilities of movement as a physical anchor to consider how we can truly embody mindful living. David actively shares his ever evolving practice with warmth and sincerity to communities both in London and abroad, empowering others to rediscover their inner athletic artists.

Jacqueline Albertsen

Jacqueline is known for her easy going and light-hearted approach to the wisdom of yoga. She loves sharing her devotion to help awaking fully to ones journey in LIFE.

She skilfully weaves philosophy, mantras, mudras, pranayama and meditation into well sequenced and alignment based classes for all levels. Expect amazing music and singing, to move your body and mind - and to be invited to show up fully both on and off the mat.

Her many years of studies, teachings and sharings are based on Tantric philosophy, Anusara and Rasa Yoga. She holds a master degree in psychology and carefully connects this knowledge with the ancient wisdom of yoga, for the modern day yogi to become fully aware in all aspects of life.

Katrine Riemer

Katrine is a good mix of yoga teacher and an everyday gastronomy nerd with a special love for plant-based food. By integrating fundamentals of health and gastronomy Katrine focusses on making food something that stimulates all of our senses and – just like yoga nourishes more than just our physical body. Tuning in the present moment and the felt sense of being physical is key in Katrines classes. A fascination of how yoga can be a powerful tool to become present is what drives Katrines classes. She draws your awareness into the body guides you to connect your breath with the movement creating a space for your practice to potentially turn into a moving meditation that quiets the monkey mind. Her classes are Vinyasa-inspired, and she is currently exploring the concept of Ladder Flows, which means building up a long flow step-by-step by stacking movements on top of each other. It’s a fun, flowy and sweaty practice that really encourages your mind to let go.