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Resting Conversation


Resting Conversation

Workshop with Jeremy Lim

As our good friend Jeremy Lim from Singapore is visiting Copenhagen in July, we have invited him to come share his take on a strong and healthy practice.

His take goes hand in hand with how we at the studio approach our classes, and hope through this workshop to provide our students with the chance to strengthen their everyday practice.

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Resting Conversation is a practice that focuses on being more and doing less. It has it’s roots in the psychological science of relaxation, mindfulness practices, and restorative yoga. Resting Conversation teaches deep relaxation and calms the nervous system. The practice builds awareness on where we hold tension and creates fuller and deeper breaths to soften the tension. With repeated practice, the mind and body becomes better and better at finding this deep relaxation state so that we can come back to it whenever we want or need to.

The workshop will provide insight into why this style of yoga is beneficial to our bodies, minds, and lives. You will learn the Resting Conversation set of tools to create conditions for the body and mind to experience relaxation, get familiar with how to set up each pose that feels right for you, learn to feel signs of discomfort and how to make yourself comfortable in rest.

Excellent for stress, general tension, exhaustion, and those looking for deep relaxation. It does not matter if you are a seasoned yoga practitioner or have never tried yoga. No yoga experience is necessary. We welcome you to come home to yourself.

Price: 250

Jeremy Lim


Jeremy is a yoga teacher, mental well-being practitioner, and a devoted student of life. An advocate for refining the art of living, he is deeply passionate about health, healing, and happiness. Jeremy has an elaborate relationship with the mental health and wellness community that spans over the past 13 years, from practicing psychology clinically to lecturing and undertaking appointed consultancy work in the field. A firm believer that yoga teachers are at the front-line in modern society’s health, his work has naturally expanded to focus on enhancing well-being through the path of yoga.
Informed by yogic wisdom, psychology, anatomy and kinesiology, Jeremy’s classes emphasise an introspective, holistic experience that engages the mind, heart, body, and community through alignment principles. Through his classes, Jeremy’s wish is for students to feel they had a “work in,” feeling empowered to soften their edges and open their hearts so that they can navigate every moment of their lives with an underlying sense of inner peace and joy.

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