I find Yoga to be an amazing combination of hard and soft - body and mind - seriousness and fun. My first encounter with yoga was when I was 16 and it was an instant love connection. It was the most fun and amazing experience I had had and I was so impressed with the crazy poses the teacher just seemed to throw himself into. As I have always been able to hyper extend my joints and through yoga I have found a healthy way to build up strength to support my joints in my everyday movement, on and off the yoga mat.

Thoughts on teaching

I have trained in both hatha, vinyasa and asthanga yoga and I love to mix and match poses and styles. I find a joy in creating fun and exciting flow sequences while focusing on great alignment so the physical yoga is practiced in a safe and healthy way.

Muscle activity often becomes the basis of my teaching as it bares the foundation for a safe yet challenging practice, so students shouldn't be surprised to find themselves to sweat a bit. As the body gets a good work through it becomes much easier for many to find both physical and mental relaxation and let go of potential tensions. Here breath is an essential. As music is an essential part of my life, with a back ground in singing i take pride in using my voice not only for guiding my students through the classes but also use it for chanting accompanied by a singing bowl during shavasana.


Cipa has an education within singing both from MGK in Copenhagen, and a jazz school in Sweden, furthermore she has a BA in musicology. She is specialized in rehabilitation for speech and singing voices. On top of teaching yoga Cipa teaches singing at a musical school for kids, privately and at evening classes. She just finished her 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training in India and has earlier on taken a 200 hour at Hamsa Yoga Studio where she also teaches at the moment.


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