I'm an Englishman with a great love for Denmark and Yoga. I have through many years participated in competitive sports such as rugby, badminton and triathlon, and about six years ago I found a much greater sense of balance through yoga.

I found Yoga to slowly become a natural and important part of my life as it helped me stay strong and healthy both mentally and physically. I don't consider myself religious as such, but throughout the years I have found that the spiritual part of my practice has come to be more important.

Thoughts on teaching

Through my own practice I find my teaching develops a great deal. I learn new stuff all the time, about myself as a person, and teacher and about my physical and spiritual being. You will often find me on workshops, events and yoga festivals as I love to get inspired by others. This has led me to everything from acro to yin yoga. I believe that adding a beginners mindset to each practice is important as it makes us able to notice the details of our practice while helping us stay in the now. I am today stronger then ever and much more flexible and it only opens up my practice for further development, which is one of the amazing things about yoga. The journey never ends. I love challenging myself, and I surprice my self every time I hit the yoga mat. This I truly wish to share with my students. I love yoga because you never know what to expect of your practice and there is always a possibility of learning new things about yourself.


Chris is from a smaller town Noth-West of London and has lived in Denmark for around 10 years now. he has an education within Law & Business Administration and works for a big software company. He has been a steady yogi for six years now and has most recently finished his basic teacher training in India With Hamsa Yoga.




Write Chris at chrischallenor@deltek.com

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